Benefits of membership

What can Membership of the Ballroom Dancers’ Federation do for you.

Apart from providing you with information and expert assistance on all aspects of Competitive dancing whether you are Professional or Amateur, from people who have been there, done it and not only got the hat but also the whole regalia.  Expert help from experts, representing your interests at the British Dance Council. The cumulative knowledge of the executive committee would easily span over 400 years of dancing, as the Worlds leading competitive amateurs and professionals, coaches, organisers, promoters and diplomats, something that no other federation could offer.

Membership of the BDF will also offer you discounts at all of the major  dance costumiers, suppliers of materials and dancewear…

Chrisanne Clover

Choice of London

Dance Couture

Dancesport International (DSI)

… all offer you 10% if you give your BDF membership number.  Plus for dance shoes…

Freed of London, offer you 10% discount on all dance shoes

International Dance Shoes (IDS) will give you 10% off all dance shoes and accessories

Supadance will give you 15% off all dance shoes and accessories

Topline will also give you 15% off all dance shoes and accessories

Dancing Times, incorporating Dance Today, offer a reduced annual subscription of £25 (instead of £38.50) for UK subscriptions.


The BDF offers you FREE entry into the Bi Annual ‘International Congress’, held at Blackpool during the main British Dance Festival in May/June, possibly the best dancers congress in the World, providing you are a current member and have been a member for two or more previous consecutive years. Simply contact the BDF for your free tickets which will save you over £100 for the two day congress.

We also offer the FREE Annual ‘National Congress’ held at Blackpool during the National Championships, for all dancers, all grades, all ages, social and competitive…  and you don’t even need to be a BDF member!

Then there’s the FREE ‘Youth Taining Camp‘ in December of each year, the top couples of Junior and Youth NL ranking charts are invited to be our guests for a two day workshop, where this country’s leading coaches take you through your paces, provide you with their expert knowledge and build you into our future champions. Free accomodation, free breakfast, lunch and dinner, free lectures…


The BDF is also now working with the Dance Promoters Association (DPA) to organise the new National League, wanting to give you exactly what you want in a ranking system.

…and there’s more…

The BDF organise the absolute best night of demonstrations that you will ever see, on an annual basis…The Night of 100 Stars is proud to boast, the absolute best demonstrators from all over the World dancing to raise money for the future of dancing in this country. Also on this night of glamour and glitz we present one of the foremost dance awards for the dance profession, The BDF Awards, and also invitation competitions showcasing our younger dancers and on occasions giving very generous prize money.

We also organise the Star Championships one of the longest established competitions to take place in this country and now one of the three major events for the National League ranking points system. It always has been one of the most prestigious titles for Professionals and Amateurs and now Senior, Youth, Junior and Juveniles will take pride of place in 2016.


The BDF are also the organisation that brings The WDC Professional  Ballroom and Latin American World and European Championships to this country on a regular basis. Its organisational expertise has presented some of the best World Championships in recent years utilising the British talent in the spectacular opening and supporting shows that make it a not to be missed date in your diary.  In 2016 it will be staged again at Blackpool on Sunday November 20th.


And all of this will costs you considerably less than a half hour Private Lesson, why not join today, it costs a lot less than you will imagine.