BDF Regional Training Day

Regional Training Day Report

The Ballroom Dancers’ Federation’s Regional Training Day, in the Midlands, which took place on:-  Friday 2nd September, 2011,  at;-  The St Johns Hotel, Solihull….

…was without doubt a resounding success with queues at the door half an hour before they were due to open, we were inundated with all ages from Juniors to Seniors and with all grades from Novice to Champions and it worked fantastically together.

The Latin section in the morning with lectures from Graham Oswick and Pamela McGill were terrific, full of vital information, lots of hints, tips and facts kept the couples working for a non-stop three hours. The floor was packed and the atmosphere electric.

In the afternoon we had the Ballroom section and it continued in the same excited manor that had started the day, and with two world class lecturers like Michael Reilly and Snieguole Wood the couples were again attacked with knowledge and in one instant a three legged race where they could not lose their piece of kitchen roll… which most of them did! To find out more you will need to come to the next training day.

And a next training day is guaranteed, date, place and time will be passed to everyone as soon as it is confirmed but from the feedback we had at the Open Forum at the end, we were given so many ideas… unfortunately the ‘Six Week’ plan will have to be shelved for the moment and it looks like we will be keeping to a one or maybe two day event.

Watch this space for more exciting news on the training sessions.