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The BDF Awards celebrate the achievements made by outstanding individuals and couples in the dance world throughout the past years.

They present us all with a great opportunity to say thank you to them who give so much to our art.

The awards highlight the extraordinary contribution of these individuals and couples helps to bring fans and dancers closer to the art we all love.

Being recognised through the BDF Awards means so much to the people who received it.

The receipients of the BDF Awards will be announced at the Night of 100 Stars and then on the BDF website and social media Receipients for BDF Awards will selected by the BDF EC.

There are a total of 3 award categories that can be awarded:

1) BDF Special Award

2) BDF Overseas Award

3) BDF Lifetime Achievement award.

BDF Special Award

2018 - Loraine Barry
2017 - Nicky Miles
2016 - Morrison and Iris Findlay
2015 - Robert Bellinger
2014 - Jason Gilkinson and Peta Roby
2013 - Ronnie Li

BDF Oversea Award

2017 - Stanislav Popov
2016 - Rudi Trautz
2014 - Rudd Vermeij
BDF Sonny Binick Lifetime Achievement Award
2018 - David Sycamore & Denise Weavers
2017 - Lynn Harman
2016 - Dereck Brown
2015 - Steve Powell
2014 - Pierre Dulaine
2013 - Janet Gleave