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The BDF Honoraries, Officers & Executive Committee

Meet your BDF Honoraries, Officers and Executive Committee Members.

The BDF Executive Committee is made up of some of the most famous names in our Dance Industry and we are continually striving to bring the best events, competitions, congresses, training days and much more to our members and followers.

We hold committee meetings once a month to discuss all details of our Dance Industry and always keep the best interests of our member’s in mind. We after all set the BDF up because and for you.

We need your support so that we can support you and we thank you for your continued support too.

For further details please read: BDF T&C’s, Privacy Policy and BDF RULE BOOK

The Honoraries

Antony Hurley, Honorary President

Joy Weller, Honorary Vice-President

Richard Gleave CBE, Honorary Vice-President

Steve Powell, Honorary Vice-President

David Sycamore, Honorary Vice-President

The Officers
The Executive Committee Members

Assistant Secretary

Graham Oswick

Membership Organiser

 Alejandro Hernandez 

Committee Member

Stephen Hillier MBE

Committee Member

Lynn Harman

Committee Member

Damian Evans

Committee Member

David Douglas

Committee Member

Craig Draper 


Committee Member

Oleksii Ivanets

Committee Member

Pam McGill

Committee Member

Cheryl Beresford