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BDF January 2015 Senior Training Day Video

BDF January 2015 Senior Training Day report

On behalf of the BDF Pamela McGill and Ken Day organized the 3rd BDF Senior Training Day at Caterham Dance School by kind permission of the proprietors Damian and Clara Evans in their lovely dance school in Caterham.

A record number of 33 couples attended this fantastic day of lectures which were given by Craig and Snezhana Draper in Ballroom style in the morning session and after a short lunch break Goran and Nicola Nordin lectured in latin.

Craig and Shezhana opened their lecture by stressing the importance of clear clean lines in ballroom hold and the importance of space between the man and lady’s head.  Exercises were given for the couples to stand opposite each other in neutral position and to rotate hips without hold.    

Both Craig and Snezhana took turns in explaining how to achieve a good swing in waltz and the beautiful shaping of promenade position. Don’t kill each step in Tango, Craig shouted across the room!     Quickstep should be light and feet fast moving.  It was wonderful to see them dance together, demonstrating their points.  Thank you again Craig and Snezhana!

After a short lunch break it was the turn of the latin lectures from Goran and Nicki.  Goran started by saying it was very important to dance slowly through figures first before attempting to dance at high speed.  Music and timing is a must for judges to understand.  Goran and Nicki then taught a variation in rumba with tips on connection from man to lady from Nicki. 

She explained how the lady must connect to the man from her centre.  An exercise was given to show this.  A paso doble routine which included a press line, telespin, pivot, ronde and promenade walks into twist turns and a stretch line.   Tracking feet in CCC and the lock step technique was explained as well as Cuban breaks from Nicki.  They finished their lecture with samba whisks and voltas.  And the importance of the ¾, 1/4, 1 timing in this dance.  Another echoing round of applause was given to 2 special latin experts. 

Thank you so much!

Later in the year the BDF will be organizing another Senior Training Day.  Details will be published nearer the time. 

Pamela McGill


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