Ok Joanna… sit back relax and enjoy the competition…. that is what I told myself sitting down to watch the semifinal of the beautiful Starball championship….well that did not happen… I had to really focus on the task in hand… observing and analysing  in depth every couple made me feel as if I was with them dancing on the floor. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was turning the heat on which made for a fantastic energy in the hall.

1) Petar and Zia
Starting to become a regular finalist in this field. Always exciting to watch their enthusiasm and full energy. They sure give it their ultimate all which is wonderful to see. I would now maybe start to trust their body a bit more and That the body can also sometimes speak for itself. In other words: body first than expression.
4) Joel and Kristina
Also a very energetic couple with lots of power. Sometimes however could be a little more specific into changes of mood playing with contrast and
flavour. Not to make only the loudest strong outer speak but also the softer more subtle and intangible aspect speak loud too.
11) Nasko and Anna
A very stylish couple always very nicely groomed. Sometimes I find Nasko a little too withdrawn and introvert and would want a little more presence and intention. Anna is such a beautiful dancer with a great positive energy I would try to focus on dynamic changes sometimes to be more sudden in space especially in shifting from foot to foot.
17) Matteo and Viktoriya
An exciting new partnership. Some kind of steam going on between them; still in the “honeymoon” period maybe!!?? I would maybe push a more detailed specific work of actions.
18) Luca and Alessandra
Both very charismatic performers with lots of passion and commitment to
their beliefs which is nice to see. I entered the ballroom in the midst of their first round and my eyes were drawn by their rumba performance love to see that kind of intention and depth. In other dances I would focus on clearer changes of mood could drive on one mood too long.
24) Petur and Polina
A very promising couple from Iceland. Lacking a bit of presence on the floor could miss them easily. Would focus on projection and connecting with people being more aware of the strands of the medium: setting, music, lighting…how to relate to it.
26) ferdi and yulia
A definite champion look dominating from the first round and not taking
anything for granted always giving it their best. In my opinion their Rumba
stands on its own. With a great full body awareness combined with a lovely
atmosphere and mood between them and the audience making the intangible speak. Ferdi could trust his own qualities at times it can come across as a lack of confidence. Yulia is sensational when she goes into her senses. Connecting relating letting the expression come from within, this makes her stand on her own planet I belief.
28) Pasha and Gabrielle
Another very recognisable couple with lots of positive vibes and energy.
Was very impressed with the content and shapes created in Paso felt like a
strong dance for them. In other dances I feel the energy could be too bound
and held in and Pasha could allow his upper body to move a bit more freely
giving it a more relaxed look sometimes.
29) Sergey and Elisaveta
Was very attracted to their inner rhythm and tick in Samba. Creating very exciting changes in that dance. In general could have a bit more “saying” to the movement. The self feels a bit detached and disconnected from the doing.
32) Tang and Huanna
A very beautiful and charismatic couple from china. Always nicely stylised
with a very clean inoffensive approach. Nice posture, nice fluidity of
rhythms, nice shapes. Would focus on “what is the statement” could there be a bit more personal input to the dance.
34) Howard and Jessica
A very sympathetic couple always attractive to look at. Would focus on body precision and giving the actions more effort and energy so it doesn’t come across as too casual at times.
35) Tagir and Alexandra
A great looking couple groomed slick and slender. Would love to see more
personal input. Finding their own trademark on the floor putting some
emphasis on their personal touch.