Amateur, Professional, Pro/Am, Social Dancer or just a Fan of Dance…we have a membership to suit you! Find out more about the BDF and what we do and the benefits a BDF Membership can offer you.


If you are a CURRENT member for the year (ending 28th February 2021) you will automatically receive your FREE membership for the membership year 2021-2022 (starting 1st March 2021)

A new membership card will be sent to you towards the end of February.

For members who have not RENEWED their membership for year ending 28th February 2021:

You will not be entitled to FREE membership for next year commencing 1st March 2021 & will lose the benefits which you would have received after 2 years subsequent membership, as outlined on the BDF website.

You still have the opportunity to RENEW or JOIN the BDF for this year (ending 28th February 2021), which will entitle you to receive the BDF benefits – plus FREE membership for next year (commencing 1st March 2021)

If you join or renew after 1st March 2021 you will only receive membership for 2021-2022 membership year & no free membership for the following membership year.

If you are an amateur – a free membership option is also available * without certain benefits.

If you do not have a UK address, you are not eligible to apply for membership of the BDF