1st – Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazhina Azerbaijan
A good win tonight for Eldar & Anna. I thought Anna’s grooming was beautiful this evening. Although they don’t always show the best shape or top line Eldar and Anna are accomplished dancers with a great sense of quality and awareness of everything they do. They also have a very good shift of weight. Lovely Waltz and Slow Foxtrot. Congratulations!
2nd- Stas Portanenko & Natalia Kolyada Ukraine
Its hard to believe that only a year ago Stas and Nataliya were Amateurs! They look very at home as professionals and really challenged for top honours tonight. Stas has fabulous floor craft and they manoeuvred around the floor with ease. Recently Natalia has improved her position considerably and she is looking softer in her back now. Wonderful Quickstep.
3rd – Gaetano Iavarone & Emanuela Napolitano Italy
I enjoyed watching Gaetano & Emanuela a lot tonight. Emmanuel looked beautiful in pink and they are another couple that seem to have really improved recently. They showed wonderful quality and understanding of the leg action in the swing dances.
4th – Gianni Caliandro & Arianna Esposito Italy
Gianni & Arianna are a real ‘no nonsense’ couple, always getting on with the job in hand and always competitive, in a good way. Lovely to see. Tonight they got better and better as the evening progressed and the final was clearly their best round. They danced a cracking Tango and now seem to be refining their style to allow some softness. Congratulations.
5th – Steffen Zoglauer & Sandra Koperski Germany
Stefan & Sandra have a fabulous feel and musicality in their dancing. Always fully immersed in what they do and how they do it. Their sense of intention is always clear. They just need to be careful that the look and hold doesn’t become small as sometimes they appear to lack volume.
6th – Go Hashimoto & Keiko Onda Japan
Go & Keiko must have been very happy to make this fabulous final. They must be one of the most improved couples on the floor. Their dancing has become much more substantial and gone are the weak body lines they used to have. Congratulations on a great improvement over the last year, keep up the great work.
7th – Vladislav Shakhov & Ekaterina Popova USA
Vladislav & Ekaterina have a very special feel and quality about their dancing. Often showing a fabulous sense of time in the slower Swing dances. If they can make sure their top line is always ‘clean’ and show the same quality in Tango and Quickstep they will surely become a force to be reckoned with! Lovely dancing.

Making this prestigious Semi Final but not the Final;
Sergei Sutyrin & Natalia Sazhina Russia
Sergei & Natalia are tidy dancers with easy motion across the floor. They are exceptionally together although sometimes Anna crosses into Sergei’s space making their shape and top line appear small. Good solid dancers.
Igor Mikushov & Eketenne Romashkina USA
Igor and Eketenne are powerful and strong dancers who now need to refine what they do in order to show off their quality and motion.
Rudiger Homm & Katia Kanevskaya USA
Rudi & Katia have amazing musicality and feel everything they do. To challenge higher placed couples I would love to see them now work on cleaning up the shoulder line and shape as it has a tendency to become untidy.
Weiping Li & Cen Zheng China
Danny & Angela as we know them are lovely dancers. They have improved technically but Angela tends to get out of position too frequently especially in promenade position and this causes them to loose a sharpness in their upper body shape.
Steven Grinbergs & Rachelle Plaas Australia
Steven & Rachelle have got themselves back on track they look more competitive and dynamic now. Well trained dancers with a lovely quality to what they do.