Ladies and gentlemen
Oh what a day …….

It is the day of the World Professional Latin American Championships here in Blackpool,
in the holy halls of ballroom dancing : the Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens .

From the very first round the Empress Ballroom is filled with dance enthusiasts from around the United Kingdom and the world alike.
Waiting with excitement for a feast of music, rhythm ,glam and glitter.
The audience will be treated to just that and more whilst the dancers will be competing for the crown of the world champion title.

I would like to extend my congratulations to the
British Dance Council for bringing this world championship to England .
The BDF for organising it with unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail,
whilst celebrating a fantastic 60 years of the BDF themselves this year.
Loraine Barry representing the generous sponsor.
And last but not least to each and every single dancer for giving their all and leaving their hearts, sweat and tears on this magnificent dance floor.

A truly wonderful day of ballroom dancing at its best!

1.  Riccardo & Yulia

Winning all 5 dances with all first places possible !
This just shows that they are in this field outstanding and in no competition.
I admire their will , want and spirit.
The drive they have is impressive and their professionalism unrivalled.
A very polished and professional performance.
Congratulations !

2.  Stefano & Daria

Stefano is a very charming , handsome and talented performer and thank god he knows it and uses it to their best advantage!
I can see that he is maturing and Daria must feel that she is very well taken care of!

3.  Dorin & Marina

I just really appreciate and commend Marina in this ‘dance age’ of effect and energy not to be affected by it and stay straight and clear on her path of what she considers important and of value.
Yes she is not an outgoing and bubbly performer but she is a passionate advocate of Latin principles and to me this is admirable and enough.
Dorin definitely looks like he knows what value he has on the other side of his hand.

4.  Troels & Ina

Their strength to me is undoubtedly the focus on portraying the COUPLE !
He for her and her for him!
I like that!
A true partnership.

5.  Kirill & Polina

Another undoubtedly handsome , charismatic, charming , energetic and talented male latin competitor.
It is quite impressive which sheer determination and effort they both put into their performance.
Being young and fresh clearly has its advantages when it comes to sustaining a performance over 5 rounds !
Polina seems fearless and unaffected by Kirill’s showmanship and is therefore a good foil for him to shine!

6.  Nino & Andra

To me they seem to find their own formula as a couple which couldn’t have been easy considering Andra’s previous success.
There seems to be more trust in each other and more of a common vision in place.

7.  Nikita & Olga

A gentle , sunny boy , filigrane and soft male dancer with a lady who knows what she wants.
Which nowadays is quite a rarity!
Some ‘old fashioned’ qualities like subtlety ,finesse , musicality and rhythmicality are being focused on which is commendable.
Keep at it !

8.  Pawel & Oxana

What a day they had!
From the first round I felt a new sense of determination, will power and want but with the most excillerating and exquisite rhythm pooring out of their body’s not seen in any of their competitors in front of them.
They seemed to have fun with it and had the quarter final been the semi there might have been a surprise!

9.  Massimo & Laura

To me they had a great day!
From start to finish!
Massimo and Laura seem to make the transition from being a skilled competitor to being skilled dancers competing!
There is a big difference for me!
Their competitive edge not diminishing but adding much more awareness to dancing as a couple ,musically, body actions and timing these to each other and to the music.
Massimo seemed to be in control of the couple without loosing himself in the process!
Well done.

10.  Vladimir & Olga

A very positive and truly excited performance!
It is really nice to see that dancers love what they do!
And they both really seem to do so!
A more masculine and feminine approach then before is visible!
Vladimir looks like he is appreciating to have such a beautiful young lady called his partner!
They are on the right track.

11.  Gunnar & Marika

I felt today Gunnar had a new sense and air about him!
Much more aware of his body and body parts and yet completely committed to them as a couple and their performance!
Marika has beautifully shaped legs and I feel there has been more attention to USE them then only show them!
To me they are on the right path!

11.  Sarunas & Victorija

I like their unique , extreme and fearless commitment to what they do!
That is wow!
They both have ‘balls’ and I like that.
Coupled with Victorijas elegant and pure approach to the ‘Rumba walk’ it is no wonder that they push forward.

11.  Andrey & Asta

They seemed to be more free and engaged with each other then I have seen before.
Maybe the open hair gives Asta the feeling of more freedom.
Andrey has more elasticity in his body which I like!
Overall a sound and good performance.
Well done!