This year’s BDF National Congress during the British National Dance Championships at Blackpool will be on Friday 22nd November.

Look at this for an absolutely fabulous line up for the 2019 Congress

Doors open at 9.30am

Opening of the Congress by Mr Kenny Welsh – President of the Ballroom Dancers’ Federation
10.00 – 10.20. Damiano Soldati & Laura Fox. ‘Quickstep is like a box of Chocolates’
10.20 – 10.40. Anton Sboev & Patrizia Ranis. ‘Rumba – Developing the Woman’
10.40 – 11.00 Martin Cutler. ‘Dancing a Rainbow’.
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break.
11.30 – 11.40 Address to the Congress by Mr Bryan Allen, President of the BDC & address from the BDF
11.40 – 12.00 Michael Stylianos. ‘Choices’
12.00 – 12.20 Jonathan Crossley. ‘The only thing that matters’
12.20 – 12.40 Gunnar Gunnarsson & Marika Doshoris. Paso Doble ‘The devil is in the detail’
12.40 – 1.00 Joanne Bolton-Hawkins. ‘Spiral Obsession’

Close of Congress

Free entry including Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

The BDF will welcome everyone who is connected to the Dance Festival

This event is open for everyone visiting the British National Championships, Amateur or Professional, Dancer or Spectator, Juvenile, Junior, Youth, Amateur, Senior and Old Age Pensioners and all for ‘NOTHING’.

The Ballroom Dancers’ Federation,

‘Promoting the Future of Dance in Great Britain’