The 2019 STAR  BALL  in the fabulous  Oaks Hall  Duchess`s Stand .     Epsom Downs is the perfect setting for one of the great dancing evens of the year.   The superb Recorded music of Kevin Brindle  & the fabulous sounds of Len Phillips band lended to the atmosphere all day. World class adjudicators under the chairmanship of Robert Bellinger were needed for the standard of dancing we witnessed today. The days programme was as always presented  by with your usual verbal dexterity Nicola Nordin & Graham Oswick.

Professional Latin 
20 Entries competing over 4 rounds.


1st  Dorin Frecautanu / Marina Sergeeva  ( Moldova )       Power performance & the presentation of their work all adds up to the near perfect balance of this couple Marina always gives herself  time to finish every thing.  I can not think of a bigger complement to give Dorin. a good man always does this.
2nd  Pavel Zvychaynyy / Okana Lebedew   ( Germany )        Very good performance through out all dances from the first round to the last bar of the jive  I would like to see a stronger lowering action as for me they are a little to high especially in the Rumber & Jive.
3rd  Gunnar Gunnarsson / Marika Doshoris   ( England  )        Also a very strong performance through out . Could for me have been one place higher       But there are some areas were it tends to be too strong almost hard where it is not needed.
4th  Zilong Wang / Celine Li Yang   ( China )       Very rhythmic couple with a strong musical approach to latin dancing  But for me on this occasion not always together.
5th  Alexey Karaulov / Vlada Semenova   (  Canada  )       For me very unlucky tonight  Strong  elegant musical performance could easily have been 4th tonight.
6th  Andrzej  Suchochi / Natalia Piecewicz   (  Poland  )     Again for me could have been 5th tonight  I liked the attack through the rythams of each dance allowing the character of each dance to show.

7th  Jaak Vainomaa / TulliKallio  ( Finland  )   Very consistant in all dances much improved for me  Paso Doble their best dance.

8th  Michael  & Lauren Hemera   ( England )  A much stronger performance tonight Michael relaxed more tonight & it paid off.

8th  Guiseppe Espositp & Roberta  ( Italy )   Tied for 8th place  Best dance Rumber by quite a lot compared with the other dances.

10th  Justin Sharrock & Amy Sharrock   ( Australia  ) A very good Jive  indeed  others not always together.

11th   Markku Hyvarinen / Disa Kortelainen   (  Finland  ) To much speed & attack in ccc & PD made it a little untidy better in  S & R.

12th  Vitor  Fernandez  & Marta   (  Not Given )  Did well to make this semi held their own well try to curb your speed its not a race.